Workers are ‘rage quitting’ their jobs as a tightening labor market forces employers to take note of unfavorable conditions and low pay

[Business Insider] The waning days of the pandemic have prompted plenty of work-related reflection. The result is a pent-up feeling that’s prompting some to walk off jobs in frustration. But is the advent of “rage quitting” really a positive thing for employees? Experts aren’t sure. Kendra wasn’t usually one to […]

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‘Work is the single most important way of proving your worth’ in the U.S., professor says — and it’s making Americans miserable

[Acorns, Illustration by Euralis Weekes] In the U.S., one expert says, “the more you work, the better person you are.” In the early 2000s, Jennifer Sherman, a professor of sociology at Washington State University, went to study a poverty-stricken mountain town in Northern California for her thesis. The town had been […]

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Lots of companies are saying they have ‘operating leverage’ — that’s just code for firing people

[CNBC, GETTY IMAGES] KEY POINTS One reason the stock market is holding up well is because investors believe many corporations are going to fire a lot of people and replace them with technology that will make the companies more efficient and improve profits. There’s a fancy accounting term for this. […]

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