Monthly Archives: February 2022

eBay to add crypto payment options soon, says CEO

[Cointelegraph] The e-commerce giant aims to become the marketplace for Millennials and Gen Z, and given their rising interests in crypto, add new payment options to lure in the customer base. Major e-commerce marketplace eBay could integrate crypto payments soon, said CEO Jamie Iannone in a recent interview. The internet […]

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Did you panic sell during this week’s market volatility? Here’s when to get back into the stock market

[CNBC, Getty] Russia’s invasion of Ukraine triggered U.S. stock market volatility this week, which may have led to panic selling. However, investors may fail to reenter the market, missing out on future gains, according to research. You may use dollar-cost averaging, lump-sum investing or a combined approach to get back […]

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Bitcoin is getting even dirtier

[CNN] Bitcoin is a pollution-creating mess. Despite efforts to make the energy-intensive mining process friendlier to the environment, it has grown significantly more reliant on fossil fuels over the past year. China’s cryptocurrency mining ban in the spring of 2021 significantly worsened Bitcoin’s environmental impact, according to a new research on […]

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Warren Buffett in annual letter calls Apple one of ‘Four Giants’ driving Berkshire Hathaway’s value

[CNBC, Getty Images] Warren Buffett called Apple the second-most important business after Berkshire’s cluster of insurers. The “Oracle of Omaha” made clear he is a fan of CEO Tim Cook’s stock repurchase strategy. Berkshire’s Apple stake is now worth more than $160 billion, taking up 40% of its equity portfolio. Warren […]

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