A record 4.4 million people quit in September as Great Resignation shows no signs of stopping

[CNBC, Getty Images] A record-high 4.4 million people, or 3% of workers, quit their job in September, according to the Labor Department’s latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey released Friday. The tight market, where workers have more leverage to move around and employers are doing everything they can to staff up, is […]

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A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs. Here’s how they make money after they quit.

[The Washington Post] Getting by in ‘The Great Resignation’: How people who quit or retired are making ends meet. Many are counting on their savings and Social Security. In discussing the surge of workers quitting or retiring during the coronavirus pandemic, one question that I keep hearing, and that I asked last week, […]

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Economy adds disappointing 194,000 jobs in September as schools reopen but COVID spikes linger

[USA TODAY, Getty Images] Hiring slowed again in September as a surge in COVID 19 cases offset the reopening of most schools and expiration of unemployment benefits, developments that were expected to coax some Americans back to work. The economy added 194,000 jobs and the unemployment rate, which is calculated from a different […]

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For many workers, the return to offices has become ‘The Great Wait.’ It’s costing employers millions

[CNBC, Getty Images] On Tuesday, Google became the latest major company to announce another delay in its return-to-office plan, pushing its reopening date to January 2022. Most recently, the tech giant planned its return for October, which was a delay from September, which was a delay from July 2021. Companies including Apple, […]

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