Monthly Archives: July 2022

Emergency savings are minimal or nonexistent for many households. Lawmakers want to change that — and boost retirement savings in the process

[CNBC, Getty Images] KEY POINTS The share of Americans who are comfortable with their emergency savings dropped to 42% in June from 54% two years ago, a survey shows. Households with cash for unexpected expenses are less likely to dip into retirement savings, experts say. It’s uncertain whether either of […]

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3 tips for making a passive income so you can quit your job, from entrepreneurs making $8,000/month or more

[CNBC] There are many ways to build a passive income. Among the most popular, historically, have been investing in a given portfolio and letting compounding interest make that money grow and buying and renting out properties. But as social media and platforms like YouTube grow in popularity, many content creators are learning they can reap […]

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3 ways Black investors can bounce back from crypto losses and build wealth, according to a couple who retired in their 40s

[Business Insider, Phyllis Iller] 38% of Black investors under 40 own cryptocurrency, compared to 29% of white investors under 40. When the price of bitcoin dropped in June, the Black community was disproportionately affected. Kiersten and Julien Saunders of rich & REGULAR say you can still bounce back and build […]

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Nearly 75% of retailers plan to accept cryptocurrency payments within the next 2 years

[CNBC, Getty Images] From Starbucks to Lamborghinis, consumers are using cryptocurrency to pay for a variety of goods — and retailers are taking notice. Nearly 75% of retailers plan to accept either cryptocurrency or stablecoin payments within the next two years, according to a June survey conducted by Deloitte titled “Merchants getting ready for […]

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