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‘Flood Into’ Crypto—Bitcoin Poised For An Unexpected S&P 500 Earthquake After $2 Trillion Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Solana, Cardano And Dogecoin Price Crash

[Forbes] BitcoinBTC, ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies have crashed along with the S&P 500 and stock prices this year (with some people betting on ‘a $28 trillion opportunity’). The bitcoin price has plummeted around 70% from its all-time highs, dropping under $20,000 per bitcoin, and dragging on other top ten […]

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3 Facts About Polygon You Should Know

[The Motley Fool] KEY POINTS Polygon makes Ethereum faster and cheaper to use for everyone. New technology will help increase speeds further and promote more development on the blockchain. With multiple partnerships with some of the world’s more recognizable brands, 2022 has been a year of building for Polygon. Polygon’s […]

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Why is the U.S. dollar so strong?

[Washington Post, Bloomberg] Nearly every major currency has lost ground against the U.S. dollar this month, an offshoot of the Federal Reserve’s campaign to rein in inflation through higher interest rates. For Americans, a stronger dollar means cheaper imports and trips abroad. But it can also weigh on other economies, […]

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China’s yuan drops to weakest level in 14 years and is on track for its worst annual loss since 1994

[Markets Insider, AP] China’s yuan dropped to its lowest level versus the dollar since 2008.   The onshore currency weakened to 7.2409 per dollar, its lowest in 14 years.  Beijing must navigate a weakening currency, a real estate crisis, and disruptive COVID-19 lockdowns.  China’s yuan weakened to its lowest mark against […]

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Bill Gates is using these dividend stocks right now to generate a large inflation-fighting income stream ⁠— you might want to do the same

[MoneyWise] With many experts continuing to see rocky times ahead for the stock market, it might be time to look at dividend stocks for the rest of 2022. Dividend stocks are a way to diversify a portfolio that may be chasing growth a little too obsessively. They generate income in good times, […]

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Single workers, families, retirees: How much cash you need in an emergency fund at every career stage, according to advisors

[CNBC, Getty Images] KEY POINTS If you’re feeling unsteady amid stock market volatility, high inflation and rising interest rates, you may wonder how much cash you really need to have handy. Experts may suggest three months, six months or one year of expenses, depending on your situation. If you’re feeling […]

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