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‘Stocks and bonds are toast’: Robert Kiyosaki warns central banks can’t fix inflation and that ‘fake’ money is forcing state pensions to pivot — here are 3 real assets he likes now

[MoneyWise] Bank of England recently bought £19.3 billion of U.K. government bonds to prevent a collapse in the country’s pension industry. In the eyes of Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, that’s a sign to acquire three specific alternative assets. “Bank of England pivot means buy more GSBC,” he […]

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Single workers, families, retirees: How much cash you need in an emergency fund at every career stage, according to advisors

[CNBC, Getty Images] KEY POINTS If you’re feeling unsteady amid stock market volatility, high inflation and rising interest rates, you may wonder how much cash you really need to have handy. Experts may suggest three months, six months or one year of expenses, depending on your situation. If you’re feeling […]

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Walmart’s earnings are trying to tell us something about inflation, consumer sentiment, and whether we’re headed for a recession

[Fortune, Bloomberg/Getty Images] The company performed well in Q2, providing hope that the broader economy is strong. Americans bought less stuff and spent more on services like travel and recreation coming out of the pandemic, catching major retailers off guard at the start of this year. Now with the threat of a […]

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