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‘It’s a bit like musical chairs right now’: Big employers like Google, IBM no longer require college degrees in a tight job market, but experts warn that may not last

[MoneyWise] Dropping your kid off at college has long been a milestone for parents just as much as their teens. But is getting a degree going the way of bell bottoms, cable television and calling someone on the phone? With a strong economy and an excess of jobs with few […]

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Big companies are starting to get nervous about the job market

[CNN] The job market in America is still healthy. The unemployment rate is just 3.6% and many employers are continuing to hire workers at a steady clip. But some major companies appear to be getting a little nervous. Apple (AAPL) is said to be slowing its pace of new job additions. Microsoft (MSFT), Facebook parent Meta and Google owner Alphabet (GOOGL) are reportedly […]

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Goldman Sachs’ CEO demanded all employees return full-time to the office. Only half showed up

[Fortune] Fighting a strong trend toward hybrid work, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon has repeatedly insisted that employees return to the office full-time, leaving no doubt that he views remote work as a temporary aberration. But on the day the investment banking giant reopened its U.S. offices in February, after shutting down during the […]

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The labor shortage could lead to a recession next year

[CNN Business] Over the past 12 months, US consumer prices rose by 7.5%, the highest rate in nearly 40 years. Worse, inflation is showing no signs of slowing.The Federal Reserve typically fights inflation by raising interest rates, which slows the economy by reducing the demand for goods and services. Ideally, the rate […]

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