Monthly Archives: September 2022

Bill Gates is using these dividend stocks right now to generate a large inflation-fighting income stream ⁠— you might want to do the same

[MoneyWise] With many experts continuing to see rocky times ahead for the stock market, it might be time to look at dividend stocks for the rest of 2022. Dividend stocks are a way to diversify a portfolio that may be chasing growth a little too obsessively. They generate income in good times, […]

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Single workers, families, retirees: How much cash you need in an emergency fund at every career stage, according to advisors

[CNBC, Getty Images] KEY POINTS If you’re feeling unsteady amid stock market volatility, high inflation and rising interest rates, you may wonder how much cash you really need to have handy. Experts may suggest three months, six months or one year of expenses, depending on your situation. If you’re feeling […]

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