Monthly Archives: July 2020

The cost of becoming a U.S. citizen just went up drastically. And asylum is no longer free

[Miami Herald] U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published on Friday a final rule in the Federal Register that details the new cost for dozens of immigration and naturalization applications, a further change in immigration policy to curb legal immigration of low-income foreign nationals. The fees’ adjustment “to ensure U.S. Citizenship and Immigration […]

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Hot ocean waters along East Coast are drawing in ‘weird’ fish and supercharging hurricanes

[The Washington Post] Warm waters are a major concern with Hurricane Isaias forecast to ride up the Eastern Seaboard. Vacationing on Nantucket in early July, Terrence Boylan cast his line in to the strangely warm surf. The creature he reeled in left the veteran angler baffled. It was a skinny, […]

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MLB calls off Cardinals-Brewers game due to positive coronavirus tests

[ESPN, AP] Two St. Louis Cardinals have tested positive for the coronavirus, resulting in Major League Baseball postponing Friday afternoon’s game at the Milwaukee Brewers, it was announced. The Cardinals said they learned about the positive tests late Thursday night and have instructed all players and staff to self-isolate in their hotel rooms […]

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Apple just announced a stock split — here’s what that means for investors

[CNBC] During its third quarter earnings results on Thursday Apple said that the company’s Board of Directors approved a four-for-one stock split. Stock splits are cosmetic, meaning they do not change anything about a company’s underlying fundamentals. They can lead to renewed interest from smaller investors by making the shares — which are […]

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Silver: poor man’s gold no more?

Prices for the metal trade 25% higher for July Investors have focused on a rise in record prices for gold, but silver’s up about 25% in July—the metal’s second-biggest monthly gain on record—and it’s still undervalued compared with the yellow metal. “Silver is often called the ‘poor man’s gold’ because […]

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