Robinhood’s data breach involved about 7 million customers. Here’s how to protect your credit from fraudsters

[CNBC, Reuters] The online brokerage said Monday that a Nov. 3 data breach involved about 7 million customers. Most of them had either their email address or full names exposed, while a small group had more extensive information compromised. The incident is a good reminder that there are ways to […]

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Coinbase slammed for what users say is terrible customer service after hackers drain their accounts

[CNBC, Getty Images] CNBC interviewed Coinbase users across the country and found thousands of customer complaints against the company. The interviews and complaints revealed a pattern of account takeovers, where users see money suddenly vanish from their account, followed by poor customer service from the company. Coinbase’s customer service has […]

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The ‘Joker’ Virus Has Returned to Android: It Can Empty Your Bank Accounts Without You Noticing It and It Is Hidden in These Apps in the Google Play Store

[Entrepreneur, DepositPhotos] The ‘Joker’ virus hides in several apps on the Google Play Store and the user does not realize it until their bank accounts are emptied. See how this malware operates and what are the dangerous applications. The Belgian Police warned about the return of the ‘Joker’ virus , which attacks Android […]

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Business leaders must take urgent action to counter ransomware threat, White House warns in memo

[CNBC, Eclipse Images] The Biden administration is urging corporate executives and business leaders to take immediate steps to prepare for ransomware attacks. “The threats are serious and they are increasing,” wrote Anne Neuberger, President Joe Biden’s deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging technology. The White House memo lists […]

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Ticketmaster to pay $10 million in fines after admitting to illegally accessing competitor’s computers

[CNN] Ticketmaster entered into a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York and will pay $10 million in fines to resolve charges that it accessed the computer systems of a competitor without authorization. “Ticketmaster employees repeatedly — and illegally — accessed a competitor’s computers without authorization using stolen […]

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