A Coinbase user lost $11.6 million in under 10 minutes after falling for a fake-notification scam, the US Attorneys Office said

[Business Insider, Getty Images] Federal investigators filed a warrant for 10.2 bitcoin held in a Huobi Global wallet.  The crypto was stolen from a Coinbase account in an $11.6 million heist, the government said. Investigators said an unknown person sent a notification to a Coinbase user after a 200 bitcoin […]

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The ‘Joker’ Virus Has Returned to Android: It Can Empty Your Bank Accounts Without You Noticing It and It Is Hidden in These Apps in the Google Play Store

[Entrepreneur, DepositPhotos] The ‘Joker’ virus hides in several apps on the Google Play Store and the user does not realize it until their bank accounts are emptied. See how this malware operates and what are the dangerous applications. The Belgian Police warned about the return of the ‘Joker’ virus , which attacks Android […]

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50,000 security disasters waiting to happen: The problem of America’s water supplies

[NBC NEWS] “If you could imagine a community center run by two old guys who are plumbers, that’s your average water plant,” one cybersecurity consultant said. A series of cyberattacks on water facilities highlight the precarious security situation facing U.S. supplies. On Jan. 15, a hacker tried to poison a […]

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Hacking bitcoin wallets with quantum computers could happen – but cryptographers are racing to build a workaround

[CNBC, Intel] Within a decade, quantum computing is expected to be able to hack into cell phones, bank accounts, email addresses and bitcoin wallets. “The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) has been working on a new standard for encryption for the future that’s quantum proof,” said Fred Thiel, […]

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