January 20, 2022

State auctioning unclaimed property including coins, silver, and sports cards


PHOENIX — There is $1.8 billion worth of unclaimed property being held by the state waiting for owners to claim.

Some of that property has been held for years, like sports memorabilia, silver bars, jewelry, and antiques, and it’s become part of the state’s yearly auction held now through Sunday, January 23.

“It’s largely from safety deposit boxes that have been abandoned, perhaps the owner moved and failed to leave their forwarding address,” says Rebecca Wilder.

Wilder is with the Arizona Department of Revenue which runs the state’s Unclaimed Property program.

Along with the safety deposit box contents, forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, and other unclaimed belongings are held by the state for owners.

After 3 years, if the owner isn’t found, the property is auctioned off.

Wilder says about $600,000 worth of property is available at the auction this year.

While we got a preview at Sierra Auctions in Phoenix, the auction itself is strictly online.

The good news for the property owners- all of the money is still kept for them.

“So even though we’ve auctioned off the property, the financial proceeds are still available for them to claim up to 35 years,” Wilder says.

The auction is being held online through Sunday, January 23.

You can get an in-person look at some of the auction items on Friday, January 21 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Sierra Auction Management, 4298 N 35th Dr. in Phoenix.

You can also go to the Arizona Department of Revenue site for an auction link and to see if you have any unclaimed property waiting to be claimed.

By Joe Ducey

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