May 15, 2020

How to prepare yourself for the job market once the pandemic is over

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Experienced job candidates will be itching to get hired when states allow businesses to reopen.

But as we transition into what could be the new normal for businesses, many experienced professionals may need to make some changes to their resume to appeal to companies in this new climate.

“We want to help people get as prepared as possible so we can help turn this economy around and be thriving once again,” LT Ladino Bryson, former recruiter and CEO of told WFXT-TV. Bryson said many who are eager to jump back into the job market may need to think twice before deciding how they will sell themselves for potential positions.

“It’s very important to understand the climate definitely has course corrected in its shift,” Bryson said. “It’s no longer a candidate marketplace where there’s more jobs than candidates. Now, with all these talented people being let go or furloughed, employers are going to have the pick of the litter.”

Bryson runs a private career platform website called for people looking for jobs. She said now is the time to be proactive and think of ways to rebrand yourself as the market will be more competitive. She believes you need to make yourself more appealing for what will be our new normal.

“They’re also going to have to make sure they have a place in their home, apartment that’s set up for work,” Bryson told WFXT-TV. “They’re going to have to make sure they have the right equipment if the company is not offering it. They’re going to have to make sure they have a stronger internet connection and working phone.”

Bryson also said your resume must begin with your at-home remote work skills listed at the top. She said you must make sure you already have the proper software installed for a remote setup and your resume should advertise your skills with communicating through digital platforms.

“When you’re applying for gig jobs or temporary or essential worker jobs, you have to come off as confident, prepared, as well as reliable,” Bryson said. “Those positions need people who are reliable.”

Bryson said the skill set that will now attract employees will be based on being productive and focusing within the home.

“Things are going to be different when we go out and how we work in the workplace, so we should be focusing on those new conditions as opposed to the hunt for a job as well,” Bryson said.

A job seeker looks at job listings. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
A job seeker looks at job listings. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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