September 1, 2020

Free program allows you to find your unclaimed cash

[Fox News]

Suzan Bryant’s finances are tight. Tuesday, the Jacksonville mom told Action News Jax she’s furloughed because of the pandemic.

“Its been really rough. Luckily, my husband works. We have a teenager so that makes it even harder,” Bryant said.

Action News Jax started helping hundreds of families facing similar struggles with the unemployment process in April.

Chris Prompovitch said they’re likely some of the 11 million Floridians who don’t know they have money waiting for them with the state treasurer.

“The vast majority of the public doesn’t know the government owes them money,” Prompovitch said.

The money ends up with the state through hundreds of ways like bills and back taxes, according to Prompovitch.

The CEO walked Action News Jax reporter Beth Rousseau through his program, ClaimFound.

The website streamlines the process of finding unclaimed cash.

“We plotted every single unclaimed property point in Florida on an interactive property map,” Prompovitch said. “You can zoom into your neighborhood and see if you have money at your house.”

According to Prompovitch, the average claim is about $200.

He said the program is free, takes minutes instead of hours in paperwork and allowed the state to more quickly cut a check.

Bryant said it would definitely help while dealing with coronavirus.

“Its been very stressful with income low, and gas prices fluctuating, so it’d be great to have some unclaimed money out there if I could find it,” Bryant said.

If you’d like to start the search for unclaimed money waiting for you, click here.

By Beth Rousseau

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