June 29, 2020

Crypto Whale Drains Enormous Bitcoin Wallet in $936,000,000 Transaction – Here’s Where the BTC is Heading

 [Daily Hodl]

Crypto traders are tracking a breathtaking Bitcoin transaction from a high-rolling, anonymous whale.

The big time crypto holder transferred a total of 101,857 BTC worth $936 million for a transaction fee of just 48 cents.

The transaction was first spotted by the automated ledger tracker known as the Bitcoin Block Bot. According to the latest block explorer data, the whale divided the BTC into two separate wallets, sending 5,000 BTC to one, unknown wallet and sending the change to a separate wallet of unknown origin.


BitInfoCharts shows that the 101,857 BTC trove first entered the whale’s wallet on April 2nd. The wallet neither sent nor received a substantial amount of BTC until today when the owner suddenly began moving the funds.

According to blockchain tech firm Blockstream, the transfer saved 41% in transaction fees as the mysterious crypto whale is already using SegWit.

The BTC in question does not appear to be heading to any known crypto exchanges, where it could be sold on the open market.

The crypto whale involved could be an early investor who is trading BTC over-the-counter or shifting BTC across multiple addresses for security and management purposes. It is also possible that the entity is a cryptocurrency exchange, custody provider, or institution managing digital assets on behalf of its clients.

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