Miami private school requires students to stay home for 30 days after getting COVID vax

[New York Post, Google Maps] A Miami private school has mandated that students who receive a COVID-19 shot stay home for 30 days after each dose — citing debunked claims that newly vaccinated people can shed the virus. School officials at Centner Academy in the city’s Design District sent home […]

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First, surges in Covid-19 infections led to shortages of hospital beds and staff. Now it’s oxygen

(CNN) Hospitals in parts of the South are running out of oxygen supply as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations continue soaring, driven by the swaths of people who remain unvaccinated and a dangerous coronavirus variant that has infected millions of Americans. Several hospitals in Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Louisiana are struggling with […]

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FDA grants full approval to Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid shot, clearing path to more vaccine mandates

[CNBC] The FDA granted Pfizer and BioNTech full U.S. approval of their Covid-19 vaccine. The move may encourage some unvaccinated Americans to get the shots as well as give more private businesses across the nation greater confidence to implement vaccine mandates. Up until now, the mRNA vaccine was on the […]

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Lollapalooza a ‘Recipe for Disaster,’ Doctors Say, Warning of COVID Spike After Festival

[NBC Chicago] Chicago’s top doctor has said there will “almost certainly” be some COVID cases associated with the four-day music festival While Chicago officials remain hopeful Lollapalooza won’t spur a significant rise in COVID-19 cases, infectious disease experts at Northwestern University are bracing for a jump in infections during the coming weeks. […]

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A doctor who died from Covid-19 left his family a sports card collection worth $20 million

[CNN] For over four decades, a doctor from Florida avidly collected baseball cards and sports memorabilia with some items dating back to the 1880s. Now, his collection, which is valued at $20 million, is going up for auction. Dr. Thomas Newman, a neurologist, died following complications from Covid-19 in January, […]

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