July 3, 2022

13 Ways To Make $100 in Just a Day

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In these days of steep inflation, who couldn’t use more money to put toward anything from bills to a little stress relief? If you’re already working, however, it might be hard to imagine where you could scrounge up an extra hundred bucks.

GoBankingRates asked experts for advice on how to make $100 in a day:

Freelance Data Entry or Graphic Design

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If you’ve got a little time for a side hustle, and a willingness to work for yourself, opportunities in the disciplines of data entry and graphic design can be found on online marketplaces such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, said Gerrid Smith, Director of e-commerce at Fortis Medical Billing.

“These websites cater to independent contractors. TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that brings together people looking for odd jobs with those who have those jobs offered by local businesses and individuals. You might even be able to find work as a social media manager or a virtual assistant by utilizing one of these sites. This could be a possibility for you.”

Clean Homes

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People who clean homes can often charge between $50 and $90 per hour, according to Dave Bochichio, CEPF, founder of Clean Cut Finance. “That means if you clean one home for two hours, you just made $100. Ask neighbors, post on local Facebook groups, or use Craigslist to get started.”

Tutor Students

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If you’ve got a little expertise you aren’t putting to work, consider using it to help high school and even college students get better by tutoring in sought-after lesson areas. “Math, science, and SAT prep tutors often make up to $100 per hour. One client a day at that rate makes you $100,” Bochichio said.

Shop for Others

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Before the pandemic, hardly anyone was using services like Instacart and UberEats. But now these services are a regular way many folks get their food delivered. If you enjoy shopping, you can deliver groceries for others, recommended Ellie Shippey, e-commerce growth specialist at EZContacts.

“During peak hours, you could earn as much as $25 per hour, but the typical hourly wage ranges from $10 to $20. It could not be simpler: you’re provided the order, you fulfill it, and you’re paid. You establish your own schedule and choose your orders, and the flexibility is what makes it so amazing, particularly if you have limited time or are a stay-at-home mom or a student.”

Clean Out Your Closet

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If you have good taste in clothing and keep it in decent shape, an easy way to make $100 or more in a day is to clean out your closet and sell it online, said Yulia Vershagina, director of marketing at Treet. “Resale is booming … so selling and shopping secondhand is more legitimate than ever.”

Work as a Virtual Assistant

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In this era of remote work, one job where you can earn $100 in a day without even leaving your house is virtual assistant. According to FlexJobs, VAs may work on any number of tasks — assisting with emails, calendar scheduling, making and answering phone calls, billing, accounting and much more. The median hourly rate for this work is $16, though it can be much higher. You’d need to work only about six hours to earn $100.

Participate in Research Studies

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“Companies are seeking competent participants for their research studies,” said Adam Wood, co-founder of RevenueGeeks. “The compensation ranges from $75 for thirty minutes of your time to $450 for really detailed one-hour research.”

Companies such as UserInterviews, Respondent and RarePatientVoice will pay around $100 or more for your participation, according to SideHustleNation.

Bird Dogging

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In the real estate world, people who provide leads to real estate investors on distressed property leads can earn $100 or more per day, according to Doug Greene, owner of Signature Properties. This is a task known as “bird dogging.”

“They drive or canvas neighborhoods looking for distressed, vacant homes. Think tall grass or overflowing mailboxes. While doing this, they build a list of addresses and then can sell that list, or each individual lead, to investors. Savvy investors will pay north of $100 for good quality leads that can turn into real estate investments for them,” Greene said.

Sponsored Posts

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If you’re already a blogger or have a website with decent traffic, you might be able to make well over $100 through sponsored posts, according to Daniel Foley, director of

“In a sponsored post, a business pays you to promote its goods or services on your website. Initially earning between $100 and $200 for each sponsored post I published on Good Financial Cents, I gradually increased my rates,” Foley explained.

On blogs or websites with significant traffic, he said some posts can earn as much as $3,000 per month.

Sell Old Gadgets

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Your old tech might actually be a gold mine, according to Sarah McConomy, COO of

“The average American is holding on to a couple of hundred dollars of old gadgets. These can range from phones, tablets, smartwatches, iPods and even gaming consoles. Rather than leave the tech gathering dust, they should be sold. Even broken devices are still worth a good amount that can be added back into the family budget.”

Be a Usability Tester

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Usability testing is the concept of filling out a survey or doing an interview about a particular product, prototype or idea, said William Chin, a consultant at

“You usually give feedback or try to use the product as naturally as you can. This is so that researchers can gather insights on how to better improve their product, based on your interaction. When I did usability testing for Google, I was given $100 for a 45 minute interview. Ultimately, you need to have some skill to be chosen.”

House or Pet Sitting

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bojanstory / Getty Images

Lots of people love to travel, but don’t love leaving behind their pets and homes. “If you’re good with animals, you may want to consider offering your services as a pet sitter. These gigs can include either staying at someone’s home (so combining house and pet sitting) or just making regular visits everyday while the pet parent is unavailable,” said consumer analyst Julie Ramhold with

“If you’d rather offer up your services for house-sitting, that’s also on the table and depending on the client, you may be able to make a pretty penny in a single weekend,” she said.

You will, most likely, need to provide references.

Sell Your Specialties

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Vladimir Vladimirov / Getty Images

Another way to make money is to look at your existing skills and parlay these, Ramhold advised. “Do you have a baked good you like to make that all your friends request? Are you particularly good at a type of craft? Consider selling these items online or taking commissions for them to make $100. Depending on the work and the item you’re selling, you may be able to make $100 with just a few orders!”

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