June 15, 2020

YouTube Bans’s Account for ‘Basically No Reason’, Roger Ver Says


YouTube has shut down the social channel of cryptocurrency news-focused for “a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service”. According to a statement executive chairman Roger Ver Bitcoin Cash ( NEWS website uploaded to Reddit earlier today, the account was terminated for “basically no reason”. He went on to suggest that it could have been reported by Bitcoin ( BTC) maximalists (Verr has been a vocal proponent of BCH), criticizing Bitcoin for becoming “a store of value”):

“I suspect probably a bunch of these Bitcoin Core anti-competition maximalists falsely reported the video saying ‘It’s a Bit[coin] Cash scam!’ or some nonsense like that.” Ver added that, regardless of whether the YouTube account will be reinstated, it “seems like the right time to start exploring other options”, namely, Dtube and BitChute. He noted that he still needs to learn more about them, asking the audience to weigh in and suggest viable alternatives. The founder also stressed that there are “tons” of giveaway scams on YouTube featuring fake celebrity endorsement from Elon Musk and others, suggesting that the platform has been inefficient in tackling fraud. It is currently unclear how many subscribers’s YouTube account had at the time it was suspended. According to a cached version of the channel from May 2019, it boasted over 25 thousand subscribers. YouTube’s shadow war on crypto YouTube’s unsocial war on crypto has been intensifying as many crypto YouTubers, including Ivan on Tech, Chris Dunn and Tone Vays, have seen their channels suspended or flagged over the last six months. Last month, Cointelegraph also experienced YouTube’s strange attitude towards cryptocurrency coverage, as the platform suddenly pulled the plug on our seven-hour Bitcoin Halving livestream. Cointelegraph reached out to YouTube and Roger Ver for additional comments, but received no reply as of press time.

By Stephen O’Neal

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