March 7, 2022

Why Camber Energy, Indonesia Energy And Imperial Petroleum Shares Are Rising


Camber Energy Inc CEI+1.56%Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd INDO+2.44%+ and Imperial Petroleum Inc IMPP shares are all trading higher Monday amid continued momentum and an increase in the price of oil.

Shares of smallcap penny stocks are also trading higher in recent sessions on heavy volume. Energy names have been volatile amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has lifted oil and gas prices due to supply concerns. 

The broader market are otherwise trading lower amid the continued escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with attempts of a ceasefire and Mariupol evacuation failing. Oil prices have gained after the US indicated it is considering a ban on Russian oil imports.

Camber Energy is trading higher by 83.33% at $1.43.

Indonesia Energy is trading higher by 102.50% at $82.56.

Imperial Petroleum is trading higher by 132.54% at $7.86.

By Henry Khederian

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