September 1, 2020

The Most Interesting Thing Each State Is Quarantine-Googling


It’s been a weird past five months.

From wonky new habits, to diy projects, and copious amounts of food and alcohol, America is coping. Although, some states seem to be coping better than others.

While folks in some states are foregoing meat and quitting smoking, in other places they’re day drinking and eating Little Debbie Cakes.

Keep reading to see a breakdown of our more interesting findings and a full list of all 50 states most bizarre google.


  • “How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?”, Oh Louisiana, if you have to ask…
  • While New Jersey residents are trying to prep for virtual interviews, Floridians are just trying to catch some Zzzz’s at work
  • Check on Utah, they’re really worried about the Dr. Pepper shortage
  • In Tennessee they really like Cracker Barrel apparently. So much so, they were searching for “Cracker Barrel Alcohol” more than anyone else
  • People are trying to salvage their summer- with Arizonians looking for Staycation ideas and Iowans making the best of pool shortages with stock tank pools. Meanwhile, North Carolinians just want refunds for their cruises!
  • More people in Colorado may be quitting drinking, but judging by the Vodka pops, frose, and Mike’s Hard Lemonades, a lot of people are doing the opposite
  • Poor Ohio is trying to cover up their dark roots and how to dye their hair blonde at home
  • South Dakota is over quarantine and maybe the US, too? Or at least they’re trying to find out “How To Move To Canada” the most. Considering they also are the #1 searches of “mayo recipes,” maybe that’s what they’re fleeing
  • Building chicken coops, DIY patios, and hammocks- yards are in!
  • Now is the time for comfort food: Grilled cheese (Virginia), hot wings (Wyoming), chicken nuggets (Oklahoma), pizza (Alaska), and Chinese food (Rhode Island) is what the people want
  • Stop killing your plants, Pennsylvania!


Using Google Trends, we determined the most interesting thing each state was googling more than any other state during quarantine. Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because people Google pretty transparently, with no self-conscious thoughts (cough, Cracker Barrel Alcohol, cough, Tennessee).

We searched hundreds of terms ranging from outdoor activities to DIY, copious foods and drinks, self-improvement…and not self-improvement. Interesting is subjective, selected based on what we thought was the most fun. Your opinion may vary.

We used a broad time period ranging from April 2020 to August 2020 as our “quarantine period.”

You can see a table of our full findings, alphabetically listed below.

Each State’s Most Interesting Quarantine Google

StateInteresting Search
AlaskaPizza Delivery
ArkansasLittle Debbie Cakes
CaliforniaCool Zoom Backgrounds
ColoradoHow To Stop Drinking
ConnecticutDog Adoption
FloridaHow to sleep at work
HawaiiBanana bread
IdahoDelete Facebook
IllinoisMcdonalds Value Menu
IndianaHow to become a youtuber
IowaStock Tank Pools
KentuckyVaping Pen
LouisianaHow Often Should You Wash Your Hair
MaineBuild a chicken coop
MassachusettsVirtual Book Club
MichiganMaking Cannabutter
MinnesotaBoxed Wine
MississippiVodka Pops
MissouriMeth recipe
NebraskaMikes Hard Lemonade
NevadaGoing Vegan
New HampshireDIY patio
New Jerseyvirtual interview
New MexicoDay Drinking
New YorkQuarantine 15
North CarolinaHow to get a cruise refund
North Dakota365 days
OhioHow To Dye Your Hair Blonde At Home
OklahomaChicken Nuggets
OregonLibrary Cards
PennsylvaniaWhy Are My Plants Dying
Rhode IslandChinese delivery
South CarolinaFrose
South DakotaHow to move to Canada
TennesseeCracker Barrel Alcohol
TexasHaving Trouble Sleeping
UtahDr Pepper Shortage
VermontSourdough Starter
VirginiaGrilled Cheese
WashingtonHow to roll sushi
West VirginiaQuit Smoking
WisconsinBloody Mary
WyomingHot Wings

By Kathy Morris

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