Millennials own nothing because the economy screwed us over for 25 years – but older generations still try and blame it on our work ethic

[Business Insider, Leung/Insider Intelligence] My parents don’t understand why I don’t own a house, a car, or a retirement savings account. My generation has fewer job opportunities, more student debt, and outrageous housing prices. It’s far worse for us than it was for previous generations. Ingrid Cruz is a freelance […]

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This 42-year-old saved $660,000 and moved to Mexico after losing her 6-figure job: ‘I realized I could have a different life’

[CNBC] Roshida Dowe has always been a hard worker. From her early days as a receptionist to her decision to go to law school and spend years as a consumer automotive finance lawyer in Silicon Valley, she is well-accustomed to the grind. But in 2018 at age 39, everything changed […]

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My parents lived by 4 money rules that helped them buy land, give back to their community, and retire comfortably without debt

[Business Insider] My parents had four pillars that guided their financial decisions: invest in yourself, spend according to your values, march to the beat of your own drum, and give back to your community. These pillars helped them buy land and maintain a working farm that fed our family, grow […]

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