Most millennial homeowners regret buying their home, survey finds

[Business Insider, Getty] Nearly two-thirds of millennial homeowners in a Bankrate survey said they regretted buying a home. A cutthroat housing market with shrinking inventory have caused buyers to rush purchases. First-time buyers are more likely to buy fixer-uppers or houses online, which can have hidden costs. Millennial homeowners are experiencing buyer’s remorse. Nearly two-thirds […]

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I thought refinancing my home could save me money, but after doing the math I found it wasn’t worth it after all

[Business Insider] I recently considered refinancing the mortgage on my new home but ultimately decided against it because the math didn’t make sense. If I rolled closing costs into my new loan, my monthly payment would have gone up. I considered paying the closing costs up front, but a formula […]

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Black Homeowners Pay $13,464 More on Their Mortgages, Study Says

[Bloomberg] The ‘Black tax’ persists because of risk-based loan pricing Policy makers can reverse the negative impact, co-author says Black borrowers pay $13,464 more over the life of a home loan, with interest, mortgage-insurance and tax expenses higher than for their White counterparts, further hurting African Americans’ ability to save […]

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