January 31, 2020

Must See Films: SLC Sundance Film Festival


Michael Mejia, novelist and professor of English at the University of Utah joined us in the studio today to talk about the must see films playing at Sundance. From the captivating to the most interesting concepts these films are worth the watch.

Mucho, Mucho Amor: This film features a Puerto Rican astrologer who charmed the world with horoscopes. When he suddenly disappears the channel goes dark. Ten years later he is ready to venture back into the public eye

Yalda a Night For Forgiveness: The film features a young women sentenced to death for the murder of her husband. Within Iranian law, her fate is determined by the forgiveness of her husbands daughter. This all takes place on a reality TV show viewed by millions.

The Truffle Hunters: Based in Northern Italy, an old man and his dog hunt the prized white Alba Truffle. This rare truffles whereabouts are unknown to the world, but a small group of canines and their companions know exactly where to look.

We Are Freestyle Love Supreme: Before Broadway discovered Lin-Manuel Miranda he was starring in a hip-hop improv group known only as Freestyle Love Supreme. Following 15 years of adventure this film covers the talent and in between moments on the Broadway journey.

Ironbark: As an ordinary business man and his housewife rub shoulders with a mole in the Soviet Union Government they are thrown straight into the fire of politics. Efforts to end the Cuban Missile Crisis tied together with pulling bonds of their close relationships drive the plot of this film.

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