September 24, 2020

Kanye West Says He’ll Wear Jordans Until He’s on Adidas Board

[Complex, Image via Adidas]

Kanye West has doubled down on his stance about being able to wear Air Jordans while currently at the helm of his Adidas Yeezy brand.

“I’M WEARING JORDANS TILL I’M ON THE BOARD OF ADIDAS,” West tweeted late last night, highlighting the fact that he currently doesn’t hold a board seat at the brand even though his namesake line reportedly surpassed $1.3 billion in sales last year. Earlier this month, West told Nick Cannon on his “Cannon’s Class” web series that his current Adidas contract should allow him to wear Air Jordans. “Jordans need to be part of reparations,” West said. “You can’t tell a Black man not to wear Jordans. It should be in any deal. And also, you can wear your friend’s clothes.”

Despite West’s tweet, it remains to be seen if this a serious plan of action that we’ll see him follow through on. Based on his recent social media activity—which has been mostly focused on a reform of music industry contracts—West could simply be trying to get Adidas’ attention it attempt to gain more power at the company. 

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Shortly after the aforementioned tweet, West also went at Gap by tweeting “I’M NOT RELEASING NOTHING ON GAP TILL I’M ON THE BOARD.” Both West and Gap reportedly inked a ten-year deal in June. The partnership will include the release of a Yeezy Gap clothing line, which is currently slated to drop at stores and online in 2021.

At the time of press, Adidas and Gap have yet to respond to West’s demands.

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