August 16, 2022

I’m a self-made millionaire who’s paid off $495k debt thanks to my side hustles – follow my advice to earn $3k a month

[The Sun, Twitter/thejefflerner]

A SELF-MADE millionaire has revealed he managed to pay off nearly $500,000 worth of debts thanks to his range of side hustles.

Jeff Lerner has revealed that transcribers who note down audio could earn up to $3,000 a month.

Transcribers could get paid up to $3,000 a month. Credit: Getty Images

Lerner founded the education platform Entre Institute, which amassed more than 200,000 users in its first three years.

He managed to launch the business after pursuing several extra jobs, allowing him to pay off $495,000 in debts.

Lerner sold goods online and also tested products as he raked in the cash needed to pay off his debts.

Earners can transcribe audio and earn up to $3,000 a month, Lerner told CNBC.

Sites such as TranscribeMe could offer transcribers a lucrative deal.

Some websites will pay you to transcribe as little or as much audio as you want.

Transcribers may have the opportunity to earn more depending on their experience.

For example, they have might have a legal or medical background.

Lerner has also recommended several other side hustles that could become a handy extra for cash-strapped citizens.

Stock photo companies are known for paying photographers to upload images to their sites.

They can even be old photos you’ve taken years ago.

Websites like Shutterstock and Depositphotos are always looking to expand their collection of copyright-free images that can be used by users like bloggers and marketing teams.

Meanwhile, sites such as PlaylistPush will pay you to curate music playlists.

Motorists in desperate need of extra cash can turn to services such as Getaround.

It allows drivers to rent their cars out to people looking for a ride.

Lerner revealed that one client earned a whopping $3,500 a month from renting out his car two or three days a week.

If you don’t want to rent out your car, you may want to pursue a side hustle completing surveys, particularly if you have an opinion.

 Sites such as Survey Junkie offer opportunities to be part of paid focus groups where those involved can earn up to $150 an hour. 

Meanwhile, one designer revealed she transformed homes to earn some extra cash and claimed she made $250,000 off a property.

Jean Liu told Business of Home that she and a contractor bought a home for $600,000.

They spent $250,000 renovating the property before selling it for $1.1million.

She said it was her “biggest success story”.

And, a thrifty TikToker, known as Raiken Profit, has claimed his side hustle of selling books has seen him rake in thousands.

Mom-of-three Mona Mejia told The Sun that she tends to make between $8,000 and $9,000 selling clothes online.

And, a TikToker, known as Amzpatharris, has claimed he makes thousands of dollars every month thanks to an Amazon side gig.

By Chris Bradford

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