August 3, 2020

Florida man buys Porsche with fake check printed from home computer

[New York Post]

A man in Florida reportedly purchased a brand new Porsche with a check he printed on a home computer — and then decided to splurge on some watches.

Casey William Kelley, 42, cashed in the nearly $140,000 check at a local car dealership on Tuesday but was taken into custody one day later when he attempted to buy several Rolex watches at a jeweler in Miramar Beach with more bogus checks, according to the Palm Beach Post.

He was subsequently arrested for grand theft of a motor vehicle and uttering a false bank note.

After selling the car, a Porsche 911 Turbo, the dealership unsuccessfully tried to cash Kelley’s check and then reported the vehicle as stolen.

The jeweler, however, opted to keep both the check and the watches until the money cleared.

When the check came back as false, the cashier reported the crime to police — though Kelley was already in custody.

He later admitted to authorities that he had printed the checks at home, police said.

By Zachary Folk

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