May 26, 2020

Eminem shares phone number on social media

[New York Post]

Twenty years later, Stan has a direct line.

Rapper Eminem has released his cell number to legions of fans, who call themselves “Stans” after his 2000 hit single, inviting them to text 313-666-7440.

The Real Slim Shady wrote, “text me, ill hit you back” in Instagram and Twitter posts, both of which quickly went viral. The 47-year-old is dropping his digits two decades after releasing his third album, “The Marshall Mathers LP,” which remains one of the fastest selling albums ever, Billboard reports.

“Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner, but I just been busy,” writes Eminem in his caption, another reference to his own song, which chronicles the spiraling and murder-suicide of a fictitious superfan named Stanley Mitchell. It’s too late for him, but everyone else can shoot a message and receive this back: “Yo, it’s Em, hit the link to get added to my contacts. I’ll be back with the plans for this week!”

“Em” is referencing the online listening party scheduled for this week to celebrate the anniversary of “The Marshall Mathers LP.” His response includes a link where eager Stans can add themselves to his contact list, and presumably get updates on the “Encore” rapper’s concerts and events.

Eminem isn’t the first A-lister to invite texts and calls from their followers. Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lopez, and Paul McCartney are also using cells, through a fan engagement platform called Community, to stay in touch.

The area code on Eminem’s line is for Dearborn, Michigan — the rapper is famously from Detroit — and as of this morning had a full voicemail box.

By Suzy Weiss

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