September 22, 2020

Colts Linebacker Darius Leonard Accidentally Gave His Wedding Ring to a Kid in the Stands

[Sports Illustrated]

Darius Leonard’s good deed goes awry, NFL coaches get in trouble for not wearing masks and more.

Colts linebacker Darius Leonard must have gotten an earful from his wife when he got home after Sunday’s game without his wedding ring. 

Leonard was a menace in Indianapolis’s 28–11 win over the Vikings, tying for the team lead with six tackles, including one for a loss. On his way off the field, Leonard spotted a couple of kids in the crowd and tossed them his gloves.

And when the kids looked inside, they discovered a surprise: Leonard’s wedding ring had come off with the gloves and was lodged inside. 

A fan named Tyler Brooke alerted Leonard to the ring’s location on Twitter, and Leonard had a good-natured response. Neither Brooke nor Leonard has posted an update, but it sounds like Leonard will be reunited with his ring. 

There’s something ironic about Leonard losing his wedding ring on a football field. The former South Carolina State star proposed to his then girlfriend, Kayla, on the field after his Senior Day game in 2017. It’s a good thing he kept the ring somewhere safer that day. 


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