February 26, 2021

Beckett Sports Card Hot / Cold


Welcome to another Beckett Sports Card Hot/Cold where we take a quick look at what’s driving things and what’s being left behind in sports cards and sports.

It has been out for a couple of weeks now, but 2021 Topps Series 1 Baseball is still proving to drive things. And that’s pretty typical for the set each year. With so many sets coming out every week, many get lost in the shuffle as something new comes along. Not so with flagship products like this. Add in the fact that February has been fairly light on mass-appeal releases and it has gotten even more room to breath. There’s no one thing about Series 1 that’s driving things. Rather it’s a variety of factors framed by the bigger idea of tradition. Rookies, sets, casual pack buys, chasing singles — they’re all in the mix.

As the NBA approaches its All-Star Break, the Utah Jazz have the best record in the league. Not surprisingly, Donovan Mitchell is drawing plenty of collector attention.

And while Bradley Beal has been a star for a while, he might be the breakout player of the year thus far. Overall, the Wizards are down in the standings. But with Beal (and Russell Westbrook) leading the way, they have been on a tear over the last couple weeks. This includes a 33-point performance in an overtime win against the Lakers this past Monday.

This week’s Hot/Cold is brought to you by Dynasty Breaks.

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