May 29, 2020

A list of the buildings damaged, looted in Minneapolis and St. Paul

[Bring Me The News, Reuters]

Wednesday night’s protest-turned-riot has left behind a trail of burned out buildings, smashed windows, and looted stores in south Minneapolis and beyond.

Much of the damage was centered on the area around the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct on Lake Street, where protests over the death of George Floyd led to a minority of demonstrators turn their attentions to nearby businesses.

Here are the reports of damage or looting that have come in since Wednesday evening. This story will be update as more reports come in:

In Minneapolis

– Target Lake Street: Looting, graffiti, property damage, fire damage.

– Wendy’s Lake Street: Fire, destroyed.

– Autozone Lake Street: Fire, destroyed.

– Cub Foods Lake Street: Looting, property damage, fire damage.

– Under construction affordable housing development at 26th and 29th: Fire, destroyed.

– 7-Sigma building, 26th and 29th: Fire, extensive damage.

– Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct: Property damage, graffiti.

– Dollar Tree off Lake Street: Property damage, looting.

– Metro by T-Mobile Lake Street: Fire, extensive damage.

– Hi Lake Liquor: Property damage, looting.

– Minnehaha Liquor Lake Street: Property damage, looting, fire.

– Speedway East Lake Street: Property damage.

– East Lake Library: Windows smashed, graffiti.

– Precision Tune Auto Care Lake Street: Property damage.

– U.S. Bank Lake Street: Property damage, graffiti.

– Dairy Queen East Lake Street: Property damage.

– Papa Murphy’s Pizza East Lake Street: Property damage.

– Planet Fitness on Lake: Property damage.

– Domino’s Pizza 26th and 28th: Property damage.

– Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, Lake and 29th: Property damage, looting.

– Gandhi Mahal Restaurant, 27th and Lake: Window smashed.

– Car-X Tire & Auto East Lake Street: Property damage, vehicle smashed through windows.

– Frattelone’s Ace Hardware East Lake Street: Property damage.

– MN Transitions Charter School: Property damage.

– Laundro Max East Lake Street: Window smashed.

– Soderberg’s Floral & Gift East Lake Street: Window smashed.

– East Lake Clinic: Property damage.

– Seward Pharmacy: Window smashed, graffiti.

– Electra Tune Auto Care on Lake St: Property damage, vehicle stolen.

– Walgreens at 43rd and Chicago: Property damage, looting.

– Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits, Hiawatha Ave: Property damage, looting.

– Schooner’s Tavern, barbershop next door: Fire, property damage.

– Seward Co-op, 28th and Franklin: Window smashed, attempted theft of ATM.

– Midtown Global Market: Property damage, looting.

Seward Community Co-op, Facebook

– Briva Health Lake Street: Window smashed.

– Foot Locker East Lake Street: Property damage, looting.

– BMO Harris East Lake Street: Property damage.

– TCF Bank at 38th and Minnehaha: Property damage.

– Studiiyo23 Hennepin Avenue, Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– DTLR, Broadway, North Minneapolis: Property damage, looting.

– Uptown Pawn: Property damage, looting.

– La Familia Skate Shop: Property damage.

– Target Uptown: Property damage, looting.

Spencer Wallman

– Chicago & Lake Liquor: Property damage, looting.

– East Lake Liquor: Property damage, looting.

– Ingebretsens on Lake: Property damage, windows smashed.

– Freewheel Bike: Property damage, windows smashed.

– Hamdi Restaurant, Midtown: Property damage, graffiti.

– Hudson’s Hardware, East 42nd Street: Property damage and looting.

– Birchwood Cafe, East 25th Street: Property damage.

“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe. “ — Frederick Douglass
#georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter

– CVS Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– Timberland Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– Sunnys Wigs 29th and Lyndale: Property damage.

– Thurston Jewelers West Lake Street: Property damage.

– Banadir Pharmacy West Lake Street: Property damage and looting

– Sephora Uptown: Property damage.

– Gamestop Uptown: Property damage, looting.

– Indulge and Bloom, Uptown: Property damage.

– H&M Uptown: Windows smashed.

– Apple Store Uptown: Windows smashed.

– Urban Outfitters Uptown: Door window smashed.

– Smokeless Northeast: Vandalized, closed till further notice.

– AutoZone at 501 West Broadway, North Minneapolis: Unconfirmed report of looting, property damage.

– Buzzmart, downtown Minneapolis: Property damage.

– Town Talk Diner, Lake Street: Extensive property damage.

In St. Paul

– Target Midway: Property damage, looting.

– CVS University Avenue: Property damage, looting.

– Max It Pawn Shop University Avenue: Property damage, looting.

– Verizon Store Hamline Avenue: Property damage.

– Noodles & Co Hamline Avenue: Property damage.

– Vitamine Shoppe Hamline Avenue: Property damage.

– Big Top Liquors Midway: Property damage.

– TJ Maxx Midway: Property damage, small fire.

– Sprint store Midway: Property damage, looting.

– Midway Tobacco Outlet Plus: Property damage

– NAPA Auto Parts University Avenue: Property damage, fire.

– T-Mobile on Arcade and York: Property damage, looting.

– LeeAnn Chinn Midway: Property damage, graffiti.

– America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses Midway: Property damage, graffiti.

– Furniture Barn Midway: Property damage, graffiti, fire.

– BP on University Avenue: Property damage.

– Walgreens on Randolph and Snelling: Property damage, looting.

– Discount Tire Co. Midway: Property damage.

– O’Reilly Auto Parts Lexington: Property damage, fire.

– TCF Bank Lexington and University: Property damage.

– Lululemon Grand Avenue: Property damage, looting.

– Speedway University Ave: Property damage, fire.

– Ananya Dance Theater University Ave: Property damage.

– Springboard for the Arts University Ave: Property damage, fire.

– 7-Mile Sportwear University Ave: Property damage, looting.

– Fire n Ice Chicken: Property damage.

– Liquor Barrel on West 7th: Property damage, looting.

– Moellers Jewelry, Highland: Property damage.

– The Fixery, Highland: Property damage.

– Bole Ethiopian Restaurant: Fire.

– Enterprise University Avenue: Fire.


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