June 20, 2021

22 of the Best Deals From Target’s Prime Day Rival Sale


Amazon’s Prime Day event has a lot of rival sales this year. From pet products to board games, here are the spoils of Target’s discounts.

The emphasis might be on Amazon Prime Day this week, but other stores have started promoting their own deals events in an effort to compete. Target’s Deal Days Sale is running from June 20 to 22, and these are our favorite discounts here at WIRED. 

Walmart is also having its own sale that begins at 7 pm ET, and if you plan to check out the Prime Day deals, the sale officially starts at 3 am ET, Monday, June 21. We have early deals and some tips to get the most of the day.

Home and Kitchen Deals

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Professional 5 Quart Lifting Stand Mixer for $300 ($120 off)

A KitchenAid stand mixer is a worthwhile purchase if you really love to cook and bake. They’re made to last and look sleek in a kitchen, especially in the red or blue colors that give it a vintage vibe.

Ecovacs Deebot N79W Robot Vacuum for $180 ($100 off)

Once you start having a robot clean your floors, you’ll know true luxury. We have a bunch of recommendations but they generally cost much more than this one. We have not reviewed this model, but have reviewed similar ones. The last few Ecovacs we’ve tried had some navigational problems, but if you have no weird ledges in your house they should be fine. It’s also rare to find a reliable robot vac for under $200.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus 6 Quart 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker for $60 ($60 off)

The popular Instant Pot is a Prime Day staple. It takes a bunch of appliances and puts them into one. There are a few different sizes and versions, but this 6-quart is good for about six people. If you have a larger family, the 8-quart pot is also on sale for $90 ($50 off).

Dyson V8 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum for $250 ($130 off)

Dyson makes great vacuums, and the V8 is its “budget” model. It converts into a hand vacuum and has a runtime of around 40 minutes, so be sure to charge it between cleaning sessions.

Keurig K-Mini Limited Edition for $60 ($40 off)

If you truly love coffee and drink several cups a day, you should invest in a nicer maker—even a cheap Mr. Coffee is good. But Keurigs have their place since they’re fast and convenient. This one is small, so you can fit it in apartment kitchens or even at your desk. Designer Jonathan Adler came up with the look, which is quite nice.

Keurig K-Elite with Iced Coffee Setting for $130 ($40 off) 

If you have more space to store it and like iced coffee occasionally, this K-Elite model is also discounted.

Oster DiamondForce XL 5-Quart Air Fryer for $60 ($40 off) 

Air fryers are another fan favorite and a few are discounted from Target this year. We haven’t tried this particular model but Oster has a pretty good reputation for kitchen gadgets. The company’s 9-Function Countertop Air Fryer is also discounted to $100 ($60 off). As an alternative, the PowerXL Air Fryer costs $60 ($40 off) appears to be a decent deal as well. We have not tested it.

Thermos 24-Ounce Stainless King Food Jar 25 for $19 ($6 off)

You might be heading back into an office or planning camping or road trips. Either way, having a Thermos to keep meals warm (or cold!) will come in handy. This one is also dishwasher safe.

Tech Deals

See our streaming devices guide, fitness watches guide, and wireless earbuds guide for more of our favorites.


Apple AirPods Pro for $190 ($60 off)

We’re big fans of the AirPods Pro. They sound great and fit more comfortably in your ears than the first Airpods. We see these discounted a lot, but they’ve been around $197 for the last few months so this is a small drop from their normal discounted price.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus for $40 ($10 off)

Roku is our favorite streaming platform, and the Streaming Stick Plus is our choice for most people. This deal pops up frequently, and we’re only including it because we like the device.

Fitbit Charge 4 for $100 ($30 off)

This is our favorite fitness watch right now and this is the lowest price we’ve seen recently. Fitbit’s app is easy to use and its products remain affordable, yet capable. You can get the same price at Amazon.

Hair and Health Deals

We all need a little self-care—the last year and a half proved that. For more of our favorite beauty and care gadgets, check out our favorite hair straighteners and fave hair dryers. We also have guides to the best Theragun and massage guns and best electric toothbrushes.

Hot Tools One Step

Hot Tools One Step for $40 ($30 off)

We recently tested this blow dry brush and found it to be pretty effective, especially for the price. The brush head comes off for easy storing and traveling, and can also be swapped in for different ones.

Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun for $319 ($81 off)

This massage gun is as pricey as the Theraguns it competes with, but it still works quite well for relieving tight muscle pain. It comes with five different attachments for targeting different areas and it connects to an app via Bluetooth to walk you through recovery options. There are more affordable options out there but this is the best price we’ve tracked for the Hypervolt.

Quip Plastic Smart Brush for $40 ($5 off)

The Quip is a capable, affordable electric toothbrush. The app gives you brushing feedback, like duration, intensity, and coverage. It doesn’t show real-time tracking, if that’s something you really want. The plastic version is fine, but the sleeker metal brush is also $10 cheaper right now.

Pet Deals

Our pets are family, and they deserve some toys, too. Thankfully, Target has some seriously cute products just for them on sale this weekend.

Embark Health and DNA test
Embark Dog DNA Test

Embark Breed & Health Dog DNA Test $169 ($31 off)

WIRED tested a handful of dog DNA tests and found Embark to offer a ton of helpful information—it even found some staffer pup’s relatives! But it’s expensive, even discounted.

Two Story Cat Scratch House for $16 ($4 off)—Discount Added in Cart  

Target’s cat scratcher houses are nearly too cute to handle. This one is perfect for surfer cats who just like to chill, but there’s ones for every holiday including Pride and Halloween. You just can’t go wrong here.

High-Walled Cuddler Bed for $16 ($4 off)—Discount Added in Cart

Of all the pet supplies at Target, I gravitate towards the ones made by Boots & Barkley the most. They look nice, and the products I’ve tried have lasted a while. This plushy bed will fit cats and small dogs.

Catit water fountain
Catit Flower Fountain

Catit Flower Fountain Kit for $28 ($7 off)—Discount Added in Cart

We love Catit products, and this fountain can be used for cats or dogs that might like it. There are three water flow settings, including one without the flower, which may appeal to dogs more. This deal also includes a placemat to catch spilled water and a stainless-steel dish for food.

Petkit Smart Pet Fountain for $51 ($9 off)—Discount Added in Cart 

We haven’t tried this particular brand, but it comes recommended and we think this design might appeal to more dogs than the Catit flower fountain above. Plus, this one has a spot for backup batteries to kick on if the power goes out.

Board Game Deals

I prefer a good old-fashioned board game or trivia session when I’m bored, but they can get really pricey if you want to stock up on a few. Thankfully, some of them are discounted right now. See our guide to family board games. Target also has some discounts on video games.

Catan board game
Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan for $33 ($11 off)

Catan is popular among strategy game fans, but it can reach nearly $60. We’ve seen it recently around $44, so this further drop is appreciated.

Monopoly for $15 ($5 off)

I can’t say I’m a fan of this seemingly never-ending game, but it’s a classic for a reason. There’s been minor upgrades over the years, but it’s stayed pretty true to the original.

Guess Who for $8 ($2 off)

This game might be aimed at kids but you can’t deny it’s fun to play with a group of adults every once in a while, especially if you agree to ask more alternative questions. Or as one Redditor suggested, replace the cartoons with pictures of your friends and, respectfully of course, roast each other. This only ships if your cart is $35 or more.

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